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What is Retirement Coaching?

It is an opportunity for individuals or couples to consider what they want from this new stage in their lives, to review where they are now and where they want to be in the future.

With the baby boomer generation now reaching retirement age - or perhaps already having taken early retirement - and with people living much longer after retirement, it is a positive way of planning the purpose of their lives and what they are going to do with the time ahead of them.

Often people plan their finances but do not stop to think about their dreams or what they want to achieve with their time. Sometimes, couples suddenly find that they do not really know each other or that they have different ideas of what they want to do with their retirements. Sometimes one partner can feel that their space is being invaded by the other. Retirement coaching is there to aid the transition and to make Retirement a new beginning not an ending.

We recognise that generally individuals have more limited resources than companies and for this reason, King Associates have designed a number of differently priced packages to suit both individual and corporate budgets. All are based on the same proven and validated questionnaire which provides a personalised and insightful Retirement Success Profile as the basis for coaching sessions.

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