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Why Provide Career Assistance?


Almost every organisation nowadays finds itself in situations where due to internal reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions or cost reduction initiatives that there is a requirement to reduce staff numbers. This often means letting go of staff who have had long service but no longer have the appropriate skills for today's business challenges. For the individuals concerned whether they are at board level or lower down the hierarchy, the personal trauma experienced is equally dramatic. The side-effects which redundancy exercises have on the staff who are staying can be equally unsettling. In addition to concern for their colleagues who are leaving they wonder - will it be my turn next and how will I be treated?

Enlightened employers usually seek to provide support for staff who are leaving by offering career coaching support (sometimes known as outplacement) on an individual or a group basis. The knock-on effect of this on staff who remain is to put the company in a good light and to ease their concerns for their colleagues. There is a hidden message too, which is, should the worst happen to them in the future, then they will probably receive similar support and guidance.

For an employee facing redundancy (or sometimes it is the square peg in the round hole syndrome) this is often the first time that the individual has ever spent time reviewing his/her career direction.

To assist with the job search process, King Associates can offer a choice of Job Search programmes.

Individual Job Search Programmes

Often, but not necessarily, these programmes are provided for individuals operating at senior management or board level. After the introductory meeting, each following session is structured to meet an individual's personal requirements.

For example, one client needed to produce two business plans for prospective employers to project the fee income he felt he could generate. We worked on the plans together and he was offered both jobs, one of which he accepted. Another person was interested in business start-ups and another in franchising. A further client was keen to improve his interview techniques. He found the mock interview and subsequent video playback together with one to one coaching an invaluable experience.

Whenever possible, coaching sessions take place away from the distractions of the workplace, the aim being for the client to receive undivided attention and to be able to relax and concentrate. Between sessions, telephone support is provided. Much attention is given to producing a concise, achievement oriented CV which then becomes the client's marketing document. Alternatively, the person may wish to concentrate on running a business or on other career or retirement options. The sessions are customised to meet the client's personal needs.

For Individuals

If you are ‘stuck’ in a job where you feel you are not realising your true potential or want to apply for a higher level job or non-executive vacancy elsewhere – one to one career coaching may help you prepare yourself for the next level.

Each programme is customised according to individual needs and budget. A 45 minute complimentary ‘career troubleshooting’ session is available to explore whether or not we could work effectively together. Staged payments can also be arranged.


"A greater awareness of my skills and achievements".

"I always knew that a job/career was important to me, I still need to find my 'niche' and I think the programme has ordered these priorities for me".

"The help from Gill King was most valuable, and I have acknowledged this in a letter to her".

"I very much enjoyed the sessions and for me it was encouraging just to discuss what had come before and to realise why it had, and that it was only a 'blip' in the long run. I feel as though I am able to start with a clean slate".

"One to one coaching enabled me to make the quickest possible progress through the syllabus".

"Gill was marvellous as a counsellor/advisor. I would say it has been one of the most enjoyable programmes I have attended".

"By attending the programme, I gained my confidence back after feeling the loss of the job".

"The course was excellent and I feel that it will help me to find a good job".

"Found the course extremely helpful. Tutor put over her knowledge and extensive experience brilliantly. Had complete confidence in the tutoring".

Assisting individuals to maximise their skills and job opportunities.

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Assisting Individuals to Develop Their True Potential