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Sometimes it is helpful to have an independent review of an organisation particularly when things have not been going as smoothly as the Owner, Chief Executive, Trustees, board or senior management team in an organisation would like. Perhaps there is a motivation issue or lines of accountability are unclear or just dysfunctional working relationships which are hindering efficiency and marring harmony amongst the staff. Clients have found that using King Associates to undertake confidential, structured interviews with management and staff can uncover what the real problems are and identify areas where action can be taken for improvement. Our experience has shown that staff often welcome the opportunity to ‘get things off their chests’ without putting themselves in a confrontational position with their employer as we can present valid suggestions in a constructive way without loss of face for either side.

Sometimes, it can be a simple system or process change that needs to be brought about to effect real improvements in a business. Or sometimes a review is needed as a fact finding exercise prior to reorganisation. King Associates can help with all the people issues which might arise from a reorganisation from recruiting new skills to handling redundancies and coaching managers and staff.

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