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Gill King acts as an independent investigator into bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and other employment situations where an experienced, independent investigator is required or when a grievance or disciplinary appeal needs to be heard by an independent person.

About the Investigator

King Associates has been established since 1990 and provides professional HR and Management Consultancy services to a wide spectrum of businesses from SMEs to plcs and the 'not for profit' sector. Gill King, Chartered FCIPD FIMC CMC FIoD, Managing Consultant, has extensive experience in HR and line management and has successfully brought about and managed the change process in a number of organisations. She has carried out a number of projects involving confidential interviews with staff, including sensitive investigations into cases of bullying and harassment and an investigation into anonymous letters concerning the Directors of a Housing Association.

Gill is a Management Consultant specialising in Human Resources with extensive experience in HR Personnel & Training. She has worked at Board level with a diverse range of clients and has been a Non-Exec Director of a Housing Association.

King Associates' are registered under the Data Protection Act to process personal data. Our Philosophy for working with clients and their staff is available, together with a fuller Profile of Gill King.


Any information imparted to Gill King, her Associates or staff, or knowledge gained about a client, its activities, its management, its Board, staff or members whilst undertaking a project will be treated in strictest confidence, both during and after completion of the project. Gill King is subject to the Ethical Guidelines of both the Institute of Consultancy and the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Specific Projects related to Bullying and Harassment were as follows:


  • Sexual harassment against a female employee by a Senior male Manager. This was a very male-dominated organisation which only required an investigation and no recommendations or conclusions by an investigator. A separate panel reviewed the evidence presented.


  • Within a charity, found against a Senior Management Team member who was bullying a male employee and then went on to threaten another male and bully a female employee both on the same day, leading to his suspension and eventual dismissal via a compromise agreement. The initial investigation and final compromise negotiation involved dealing with the Manager's Union Official.


  • An investigation into a grievance brought by an HR Manager who had gone off sick and then complained of bullying by his Chief Executive led to other instances of bullying being uncovered and further grievances coming to light. Again there was liaison with the HR Manager's Union Official and the organisation's lawyers. Found against the Chief Executive who regrettably committed suicide prior to the case being finalised.


  • The receipt of anonymous letters by the Housing Corporation and the Board of a Housing Association, raising concerns about the competence of the Directors, led to a full investigation involving a questionnaire to staff and 'one to one' interviews. A report to the Board, including a number of recommendations for change, was submitted and accepted and feedback to staff was prepared on behalf of the Chairman of the Board.


  • For a Housing Action Trust, where the employee was also a tenant, carried out two investigations (1) into a complaint by an employee of bullying by his manager and (2) a grievance against the organisation as he was also being harassed by a fellow tenant. The bullying complaint in effect re-opened an earlier bullying complaint which had not been concluded when the employee went sick for the first time with stress. The second bullying complaint was against the same manager who had been promoted back to head the new team which the employee had joined after returning to work after the first complaint (he went sick again before the second complaint). The manager was vindicated and the organisation was found not guilty in connection with the tenancy complaint (the employee was trying to queue jump to get a new house). The employee is still employed, the manager received some coaching and procedures in respect of re-housing were reviewed.


  • Heard an appeal in a small business where a 60% shareholding Managing Director dismissed a 40% shareholding Director. He had a County Court summons out against her and she had two Tribunal cases pending against him for the Wages Act and Unfair Dismissal. Ended up mediating between the two parties and reaching a solution which was executed by compromise agreement. All legal proceedings were dropped.


  • For a Government Department undertook a bullying investigation following a complaint from an employee who went off sick prior to raising complaints of bullying against five individuals with whom she had worked. Uncovered other bullying that had been going on by the employee's manager (who himself had left the organisation with a grudge) towards the manager and employees now being cited by the ex-employee who was his protege and with whom he was now working. The organisation upheld the findings of our report and used this to back their defence of the claim made by the ex-employee.


  • With the exception of the Appeal hearing, the above cases involved lengthy and thorough investigations, some of which were very sensitive and were undertaken through the Chief Executive or Chairman of the Board of the organisations concerned.


  • In addition have been involved in arbitration regarding a pay claim by Directors; have represented the management case for dismissal of an employee whilst undertaking an interim role as Head of HR; dealt with other internal grievances and dismissal appeals; provided back-up support and advice for the management and HR representatives of a client undertaking another bullying claim with Union involvement; and advising clients generally on specific disciplinary and dismissal issues.



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