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In small organisations in particular, a good deal of energy and emotion can be concentrated on disciplinary and grievance matters and sometimes, organisations are too small to have independent levels of management available to hear grievances or disciplinary appeals. King Associates can provide this additional level, whilst also guaranteeing impartiality as we have no preconceived ideas or opinions about the parties concerned and no emotional ties or links to the parties concerned.

The ACAS Codes of Practice and Conduct make it more important than ever to show that appeals have been offered and carried out. King Associates can either act at the appeal or grievance hearing stage or can provide the HR presence during disciplinary or grievance hearings advising the manager/director involved on process and outcome.

Examples of Services Provided:

  • Heard a disciplinary appeal in a small business where a 60% shareholding Managing Director dismissed a 40% shareholding Director. He had a County Court summons out against her and she had two Tribunal cases pending against him for deduction of wages and Unfair Dismissal. During the course of the hearing, ended up mediating between the two parties and reaching a solution which was subsequently executed by compromise agreement. All legal proceedings were dropped by both sides.

  • Acted as a member of an arbitration panel to hear a pay claim by Directors of an Insurance Company against the decision on their pay made by the Board of Trustees.
  • Whilst undertaking an interim role as Head of HR for a charity, represented the management case for dismissal of an employee at the appeal hearing brought by the employee and his Union.
  • Dealt with other internal grievances and dismissal appeals.
  • Provided back-up support and advice for the management and HR representatives of a client undertaking an internal investigation into a bullying claim between two employees. Resolved the situation with no resignations or tribunal proceedings taking place.
  • Assisted clients in dealing with documentation for tribunal and court hearings. This has included representation at Employment Tribunals and County Court and Mediation hearings.
  • Provided advice to clients on specific disciplinary and dismissal issues including advising on procedure to follow, drafting warning and dismissal letters.

Confidential Employee Helpline

Sometimes, grievances and disputes can be avoided if employees have someone to speak to in confidence about their concerns. If requested, King Associates can provide this facility.

Alternatively, it is sometimes helpful to provide coaching for Managers who have difficulty in dealing with employee issues such as poor performance or for employees with an attitude or relationship problem with their colleagues which is affecting the whole team. We can also provide these services (see Coaching Services).

Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Where a situation arises at work where there is a dysfunctional relationship between two members of staff or a manager and one of his/her team, King Associates can provide a facilitation and mediation service between the two (or more) parties. Having someone from outside the Company who is willing to listen to both sides of the argument and get those involved to look at the matter from a fresh perspective, can be invaluable in diffusing situations or achieving resolution from conflict.

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Professional Assistance of an In-House Expert When Needed - without the overheads