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Client Comments



Quote from Managing Director following a Performance Review Training Session for Managers.

'Firstly, a big thankyou for a great afternoon yesterday! The feedback in the cab was most encouraging - even Mary gave subtle nods of approval!! I particularly liked the way you deliberately involved people by name, so as to ensure everyone took part. It was so important that everyone saw the importance of what we are trying to do...'

Excerpt from letter received from Professional Institute following a series of Appraisal Skills Workshops.

'Many thanks for all your work here this week on Appraisals Skills - I have been receiving some very positive feedback.'

'It has been a pleasure working with you again.'

Excerpt from letter received from Group Managing Director following our input to an outsourcing bid involving TUPE.
(Our client was awarded the contract!)

'Many thanks for the excellent work and support that you have provided to us to date, (often at very short notice). Your contribution and commitment to a key strategic project is greatly appreciated.'

Excerpts from a Chief Executive's personal 'thank you' letter.

'When I originally was so keen to include an 'audit' element within your consultancy, I was anticipating there may be skeletons in the cupboard - I don't think even I was quite prepared for the amount that has been uncovered.'

'There was, and still to a certain extent is, a huge job to do and I am sure that it needed someone of your undoubted skills - professional and personal - to get to grips with uncovering and sorting it.'

'I know I have spoken to you on numerous occasions but I thought I should somehow find a few moments to formally register, both personally and on behalf of (name of organisation*), how grateful for and delighted I am with all the work you have undertaken.'

'Once again, thank you for the extremely hard and diligent work you have done, work which is actually beyond price.'

(NB *Name of client withheld for confidentiality reasons. Original letter available for inspection.)

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